Crafts, Networks, and Masterpieces

In order to achieve an optimum result for every order, we pay particular attention to an exact co-ordination and smooth interaction of the various craftsmen, experts, and service providers.
Gentinetta Handwerk uses natural and safe building materials guaranteeing a healthy indoors climate and living environment wherever possible.
We always consider our work as a service to people and their environment; and we consider any trust you put in us as an incentive to meet even the highest possible expectations.


Welcome to G.H GmbH

In 2010, Raffael Gentinetta turned his passion and his talent into a company of his own. As shareholder and CEO, he manages the company and prefers to personally care for his clients.

Raffael Gentinetta G.H GmbH
Firmenauto G.H GmbH
Professional inclusive toolsCHF 105.00
*Outward journey (working time) from Gundeldingerstrasse 419
*Minimum fee: CHF 155.00 (hourly rate + flat rate per order)
Flat rate per order
Until 20 km, per round tripCHF 50.00
Until 60 km, per round tripCHF 80.00
Prices exclusive 7.7% vat


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G.H GmbH
Gundeldingerstrasse 419
CH-4053 Basel
+41 79 643 83 17

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